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Dear Fred

First, let me Thank You for your weekly thought's, they have been very helpful and enlighting to me, both professionally and personnally. I recently read your thought on the compatibility between faith and intellect. I too accept the Bible as my spiritual authority and yes this is by faith. My question however is, how do I not feel vulnerable and my faith shaken when the God I pray to, believe in, and trust, allows for the losts that I am continuing to have this year? My father on January 5th, my closest uncle on January 25th, my job status that will surely effect my children and an already troubled marriage, and very soon another dear uncle to cancer. I am trying to remain faithful and positive, I am trying to find reassurance in scripture and other books of wisdom and comfort that I read daily. Where do I find peace? You are a truly great man, and I am honored to have met you and to recieve from you your weekly thought's. Always 4HIM, Dennis

Fred's Response

Thank you for your reassurance and your question. I know no way to avoid the vulnerability of faith. That is one of the prices we pay for having it. Furthermore, I don’t believe we can avoid the trials of life just by being people of faith. The Scripture does not promise us happiness, but adequacy in the power of Christ. Your loss reminds me of Job and yet look at the final outcome of his faith and obedience…”though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” Don’t neglect the fellowship of Godly people. We are called to bear one another’s burdens. Dig into the Psalms and hear David as he cries out. God is good; God is faithful. I once heard a very encouraging word, “God sometimes gives us suffering to build our strength for the blessings He has in store.”