March 25, 2004

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Thank you, thank you for your prayer support.

Let's start with some specific requests:

1) that his body would start responding to the antibiotics;

2) that the doctors could come to a clear plan of action;

3) that he would continue to eat

This infection is a tough one and doesn't seem to be abating.  The doctors want to replace his dialysis catheter because they believe that some infection may still reside in the line.  The options for fighting the infection in the hip joint are limited because of his compromised health and age.

Even in his drug-induced state he has some lucid "Fred statements."  He looked up this morning and said, "I don't know where I am supposed to be at this stage of the game."  Ever the strategist.

When the nephrologist came in and asked, "How are you doing, Fred?"  He answered rather groggily, "It isn't a matter of how I am doing --- when there is something to be done I just do it!"

One of the best comments was made by a doctor who said, "he may appear to be just an 88 year old man, but he is some special 88 year old...think of him as an 88 year old body and a 50 year old mind."

Blessings on each and every one of you who has so graciously joined us in this effort to bring him before God.  You are important to Fred....thanks.

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