August 18, 2009

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Fred's impact 2 years later

Fred died two years ago on August 17th, 2007. His faith, his thinking, and his influence continue to impact many. As a tribute to Fred, would you tell others this week about the website, encouraging them to sign up for the Weekly Thought? His life was dedicated to stretching others. Help us keep it going.

Fred’s files include a 39 page letter on business and belief. It will be excerpted in future weeks. However, he ends the letter in typical “Smith Style” with four pithy statements he liked to call one liners. There are over 300 of these gems on the website. Here are the four from this great epistle:

1) Decide on a way of life and then earn the money to finance it – don’t do it the other way around;

2) Your use of leisure largely determines your progress – invest it, don’t spend it;

3) Comfort rarely takes much priority for those who really succeed; and 4) Race horses have more tension than mules, so you can’t expect the earnings of a thoroughbred and the placidity of a mule.

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