March 24, 2004

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Several specific prayer requests:

1) That the antibiotics and immune system will defeat the staph infection in his hip joint;

2) That he will be able to reduce the morphine in order to eat;

3) That dialysis will continue to be successful

Thanks for praying.  His white blood cell count elevated during the night and he started running a fever again.  He was so medicated for pain that he was unable to take any food (except for one can of supplement). 

He is bravely and courageously fighting.  He feels that his life is being used in the hospital.  If you haven't read the Dialysis University article, click on writings and look for it in the Perseverance category.  It is well worth the time.

You are so appreciated.  May you find joy in praying for Fred knowing that you are an integral part of God's will for him.  Bless.

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