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What is a Home?

Weekly Thought - June 12, 2018

Fred enjoyed the mutuality of friendship and the benefits of stimulating thought.  He assembled a group for a weekend of conversation - no agenda, just interesting people with the ability to prompt interchange.  As a follow-up he asked them to send thoughts, articles, or other correspondence to each of the others.  He called them "The twenty-five."  This week's thought is one of his offerings based on a visit to the new home of a longtime friend.

Fall is coming for the What's Next Roundtable.  Please continue praying for these conversation and connection times with college students in three states.  We appreciate your support through encouraging words, prayer, and financial gifts.  Thank you for standing with us.

What is a Home?

1.        A home is a place to grow older together happily knowing "the best is yet to be."  No "yellowing of the leaves" happening to the leaves of love.

2.       There must be a natural place to eat and talk - an atmosphere, not necessarily a designated space.

3.       There should be a selection of spots for conversation, both large and small.  There should also be an outside place where the greater work of God joins with the handiwork of man giving an extra dimension.

4.       If possible, an extra space for guests which they can make their own without interrupting the natural flow of the house.  To have a place where guests sleep is good, but giving them a space to read, listen to music, think about the day, and relax in the bathtub.

5.       A house should be functional, for after all it is not a display but a happiness factory for those who live in it.  It's basic raison d'etre is utility for people.  It exists to provide those who live there the ability to accomplish their goals without inflating their egos to their detriment.

6.       A home should be a place where things worth doing occur.

7.       A home should have a sense of beauty, no matter what its size.  It must appreciate, not depreciate the environment. It must give warmth and comfort showing the beauty of hospitality.

8.       A home is not an investment in money alone, but in living.  It should never be primarily viewed as a good financial decision.  A home should have the quality of a nest with the occupants nestled down for the foreseeable future.  It can be a wise financial consideration, but it should always be thought of as the place for family to live and prosper.

9.       One practical note:  the mortgage should be as small as possible so financial pressures don't pollute the environment.  The full enjoyment of relational growth and connection should be the focus, not the worries of satisfying creditors.

10.   A home should represent the cradle of relationships with family, friends, and Christ.

This week think about: 1) How is my home creating and development peace and harmony? 2) What can I do this week to encourage connection in my home? 3) When do I feel most satisfied in my home?

Words of Wisdom: A home is a place to grow older together happily knowing "the best is yet to be."

Wisdom from the Word: "When Jesus reached the spot, he looked up and said to him, ‘Zacchaeus, come down immediately. I must stay at your house today.'" (Luke 19:22  NET Bible)   

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