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Fact or Fantasy


No matter how beautifully or reasonably a situation is defined it is no more than fantasy if not based on truth. I am particularly impressed at this time with all the politicians vying for the presidency. They are telling us of the panacea we can have by electing them. They list all the major problems and tell us they will solve them once they are in charge of the government. They have made one big miscalculation. They have the wrong concept of human nature.



 Humanity is flawed and cannot be perfected by governmental programs. Welfare, no matter how well intentioned, that does not require individuals to be responsible will create perpetual dependence.



Once I fortuitously had breakfast with the well-known commentator David Suskine the morning after he debated Bill Buckley who cut him to ribbons.  Suskine, however, maintained a gracious spirit. I opened up the breakfast by saying I admired his attitude though my politics were conservative. I asked him, totally aware and respectful of his intellectual capabilities, “How does a man as learned as you take that political position?”


 He replied “In order to be a liberal you must first believe in the basic goodness of man.”


 I told him that he gave me complete understanding of his position with that statement. I went on to say that I believed in the doctrine of man’s original sin. He said “That is a horrible thought.” I asked him if it was a thought or fact. Sometimes in order to control a subject we will misname it.


 I further told him that if I believed in the basic goodness of man then I would freely give education, freedom and financial aid. But if humanity is basically sinful and we provide privileges without responsibilities we could create monsters. I feel a great many of our programs fail because we do not understand the sin nature of humanity.


The imperfectability of humanity is a fact. Programs built on the basic goodness of humanity is built on fantasy.


This week consider: 1) Where am I assuming the goodness of man and being led to faulty conclusions? 2) How can I distinguish fact from fantasy? 3) What thinking do I need to do about this subject?