March 29, 2004

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The male nurse was cheerily trying to get Fred's attention last night about 10:00 by saying, "Hey, Bill, how ya doin',Bill?"  When there was no response he kept trying.  "Hi, Bill."  As I walked in to hear this I said, "His name is Fred."  Because his legal first name is William the medical system has no way to understand that for 88+years he has been Fred Smith, not William, and certainly not Bill.  Once that small hurdle was crossed, Bill-turned-Fred, was much more attentive, though disoriented from the high toxin and medication levels.

Today he is undergoing surgery to implant a new catheter as a dialysis port and then start a 24 hour dialysis session.  This extended period will be easier on his heart and less challenging to his extremely sensitive blood pressure levels.

He continues to amaze the physicians with his spirit and will to live.  We know that we are seeing God's hand in action.  His plan for Fred's life is still uncertain, but the impact of this time is unquestionable.


1) Dialysis will be successful.

2) Mary Alice will rest and be physically and emotionally recharged.

3) God's name will continue to be lifted up, honored and praised.

4) A special request for a family that we have gotten to know who are faithfully waiting as their husband and father suffers greatly.  His wife, Debbie, walked in one day and saw Scott without his oxygen mask.  He has a life threatening pulmonary disease and this troubled her greatly.  When asked he responded that it was more important to make sure that the nurse heard the gospel than for him to have the oxygen at that particular moment. Pray for Scott and Debbie.

Fred's life is in the hands of a faithful and true God. 

You will probably never know on this earth how very much your prayer support means to all of us.  Thank you.

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