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Dear Fred

Recently, a fellow parishioner wrote an article in our church newletter. He was not feeling well and during the night he "requested a prayer from John Chrysostom. Saint John lived in the late 300's - 400's. It was a desperate plea that went like this "St. John, I am in trouble here. Please pray for me." Within 30 seconds I was startled to realize that my heart was beating in a regular rhythm. I was so thrilled to have been touched by God's love through John's prayer. What do you think about this?

Fred's Response

I have heard of other prayers that have a certain similarity. For example, one of my friends, when an unbeliever, was dating a Christian girl. When he felt a deep need for prayer he would pray to the God of Irene. One time, when my faith was week I maintained faith because my friend Howard Butt Jr. knew God and therefore God existed. Praying through one of the saints brings a question to my mind. The question is whether we are told to use an intermediary such as Catholics use with Mary. If he received a spiritual blessing then I am not competent enough nor do I want to question his experience.