A list of Fred's one-line sayings that he become so well-known for.

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  • "Thanks" is more than courtesy - it is obligation.
  • A perpetual learner is the best teacher.
  • Avoid the authors who are meringue chefs.
  • Better to be a participant in life than a reporter.
  • Clarify your thoughts so that others may use them.
  • Cliches are pre-thought expressions.
  • Cliches may sharpen truth for better penetration.
  • Fantasy's function is to change reality.
  • From the joy of learning comes the joy of sharing.
  • God is pleased when we use scriptural verses in our defense against evil.
  • Great ideas that become nothing more than interesting are little more than entertainment.
  • I don't have to agree with you to understand you.
  • In 20 languages "be" and "do" are the same word.
  • Invite your listeners to hear.
  • Language is often a useful tool to conceal meaning.
  • Only you can share your memories.
  • Our vitality consists in the great themes of life and thought which have become woven into the fabric of our character, personality and actions.
  • Purpose and plan are not synonyms.
  • Speak to people about a subject, not on a subject to people.
  • The music of joy is played in the major key.