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Dear Fred

I was wondering how you felt about mental disorders? I am 25 and have been fighting bipolar disorder with not much progress for a few years right now. I am at risk for losing my family soon as well as already having lost all my friends. For your info Bipolar is manic-depressive disorder which is a mood disorder which alternates between the poles of depression and mania. I have tried many, many different medications as well as being hospitalized for being psychotic. I have tried being closer to God, praying, going to church and talking to my pastor. I am running out of answers on what to do or why all of this happening. What are your feelings on this?

Fred's Response

Dear friend, as a businessman I have no training nor experience in psychiatry or medicine. I have had friends who suffered with similar conditions and I have seen how painful the bipolar disorder can be for you and your family. My only question would be: when you see yourself starting to move between the highs and the lows are you doing everything possible to manage the swing or are you just "letting nature take its course?" We will be praying for you.