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Dear Fred

What can I do to help a friend deal with the death of a grandchild (3 years) that she was not able to have a realationship with?

Fred's Response

Mary Alice considers mothering, grandmothering and great grandmothering to be life's highest calling. I have watched her fulfill God's purpose through the love that she shows her family. When I read of your friend's loss I cannot truly understand how difficult this must be,but I am very sorry. As you know I have been close to death on several occasions in the last 2-3 years and I consider it the last enemy. I am thankful that Christ has defeated death. When I think about the story of David and the death of his young son I am comforted by the thought that your friend, if she is a believer, will be reunited with this grandchild. This death took away all the memories that your friend wanted to build with this grandchild --- all the expectations of a relationship and all the hopes for expressing her love. Give her a safe place to grieve and encourage her as she thinks about what she will miss. Comfort her with the assurance that God is all-wise. Perhaps she will have the opportunity to be a substitute grandmother to another child whose grandparents are out of town. The love that she has to give won't be wasted ---- God is very good about using our resources.