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Dear Fred

Dear Brother, I am part of a Open Brethren Church. I never in my life thought I would be going here but here I am. I and my wife and three children attend. I am very active - teach sunday school, administer the prison ministry speak at prayer meeting active in childrens ministrys etc. Recently I have been asked almost two years ago to be a part of a group of men who will meet with the elders to pray and consider my role in Church leadership and becoming an elder or a deacon which the latter is new ground for us. I struggle greatly with this because it has been said that if I desire this I should seek it out but I never asked for it and believe if God desires me to fill these shoes I will be led by him. I love these men and great changes are going on but I am also concerned because I am not an easy one to roll over when asked if I believe differently until I hear clearly that I should. Any advice?

Fred's Response

Clearly you are demonstrating leadership in your ministry. The question seems to be one of direction and motivation. We can accomplish much in our human abilities, but God's work needs to be done through the empowering of the Holy Spirit. I have often commented that one of the weaknesses of many churches is that they are trying to "do God's work in man's way." There is a distinction between following an urging and volunteering for leadership. There are church fellowships within the Brethren tradition who choose elders by recognizing men who are functioning as elders, not appointing men and assigning work. In this situation men do not vie for leadership, but follow the leading of the Spirit. I would encourage you to sit down with the elders and discuss their Biblical view of leadership. Let them show you where their position on pursuing leadership is found in scripture. Harmony of doctrine is critical for those who are leading.