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Dear Fred

Hi, Fred. I've been enjoying your weekly emails. They're very helpful to me as a young leader. I'm a pastor of a church with 195 members. My problem and my question is this: How do you develop and keep the right kind of leaders? I keep mistakes in selecting the kinds of leaders that I will train. Once I choose them, they eventually do something that eventually results in their leaving the leadership. They either quit too soon, commit sin or don't do their leadership tasks. What should I do?

Fred's Response

Train people to be followers of Christ, not of you. You select them for their desire to promote the kingdom and not just the local church fellowship. You can identify potential leaders by the fact that they are already demonstrating leadership, even without a "title." it is important to know why they want to be leaders. Ego is out - service is in. Make sure that leaders are strong in character. Most failures are not deficiencies in talent, but flaws in character.