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Dear Fred

I have just enjoyed a time of reading past your "ask Fred Archives" and one of the first questions brought tears to my eyes. I used to constantly enjoy what I believed to be the Presence of the Lord but for the past year and a half have felt empty - in the question/answer I read it mentioned that one thing may be that "God is making himself unavailable to me" during my desert experience. I miss Him - what can I do to feel Him close by as I once did?

Fred's Response

Chambers says that we should be thankful when God trusts us with His silence. It may be uncomfortable, but remember that the main purpose for the desert is to strengthen our faith. We cannot be matured by intimacy with Him alone though it would certainly be more enjoyable than His silence. The greatest saints of the scripture had their desert experience. Of course, we must examine ourselves to be sure we're not holding on to a sin that isolates us from the Father. It's encouraging to realize that accepting the desert for God's intentions brings us through the desert unlike the children of Israel whose disobedience caused them to die in the desert. It's God's purpose that we come through the desert. We can be sure that we will not stay one day longer than it takes to fulfill His purpose. Bless.