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Dear Fred

My Dad is in the final stages of lung cancer. I have read that you are having physical problems, as well. I have two questions: What should I be saying to him? And what should I be asking him to say to me? Thank you for the website.

Fred's Response

At his stage in life he needs to be assured of his place in heaven. I would not assume without evidence that he is sure of his salvation. My friend Ben Hayden was visiting a young lady when she was dying and He asked her about her assurance and her mother interrupted saying she was a fine Christian. Ben left and came back when the mother wasn’t there. The girl said I have no idea about my future. Ben then introduced her to the Lord. I suggest you let him say anything a man in his condition wants to say. You can ask him some leading questions as, “Do you feel you are finishing well? What would you suggest I concentrate my life on? Give him full assurance of God’s love and your love and appreciation. Near the end you don’t want to play games.