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A Violent Kingdom

Whom do you think Paul was talking to when he said, "We are fools for the sake of Jesus Christ, and you are wise in Jesus Christ." To you! Not to the people who do not know God! He is talking to all who think they can work out their own salvation without accepting the folly of the cross of Jesus. No one wants to be humiliated and put down. It is not something to be excited about, but it is the way of God.
You cannot give place to the world, to your passions or your laziness. Words are notenough to claim the kingdom of God. It takes strength and courage and violence. You must violently resist the tides of the world. Violently give up all that holds you back from God. Violently turn your will over to God to do His will alone.
This violence is what I pray you will come to know, for how else will you know anything of the life of the Lord Jesus?