Daily Fenelon > Humiliation


The most important thing is humility. Humility gives you a teachable spirit that makes everything easier. Consider the life of Jesus. He was bom in a stable. He had to flee to Egypt. He worked thirty years in the shop of a craftsman. He suffered hunger, thirst, and fatigue. He was poor and He was ridiculed. He taught the doctrine of heaven and no one listened to Him. He was treated like a slave, betrayed, and died between two thieves.
Jesus' life was full of humiliation, but we are horrified by the slightest humiliation. How do you expect to know Jesus if you do not seek Him where He was found: in suffering and the cross? You must imitate Him. But don't think you can follow Him in your own strength—you are going to have to find all your strength in Him. Remember that Jesus wants to feel all your weaknesses.
Seek to follow Jesus along the road ofiiumility that He has taken. The greatest profit which you can gather from an experience of your weakness is to let your frailties help you become more humble and obedient.