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The Danger of Spiritual Ambition

I am happy to hear you are well, and to see that you are telling me, in a simple way, all that takes place within you. Never hesitate to write to me about anything you think God is asking.
It is not surprising that you are very ambitious to advance in your spiritual life, and to find yourself in the company of those who have a reputation for being spiritual. No matter what it looks like, these things still flatter your self-love. Do not seek to fulfill your ambitions of becoming more spiritual, or to be counted in the company of those people who are honored for their spirituality. Your aim should be to die to all such ambitions by letting yourself be humbled. You must learn to accept obscurity and scornful disregard while you keep your eyes solely on God.
You may hear endless sermons about living a perfect life. You may know what eveiyone preaches about it and still be farther away from perfection than ever. Your deepest aim should be to turn a deaf ear to self, while listening to God in silence. You should renounce your pride and give yourself over to what pleases God. Say little and do much—without wondering if you have been noticed or not.
God will teach you more than even the most mature Christian could. He will teach you better than all the books in the world could. Why are you so eager to chase after knowledge? Don't you realize that all you need is to be poor in spirit, and to know nothing but Christ and Him crucified? Knowledge puffs up, it is only love that builds upi (I Corinthians 8:1) Be content with love alone.
What! Do you think that the way to love God comes by getting more knowledge? You have already more than you can use. Practice what you already know rather than looking for more knowledge. You deceive yourself if you think you are growing spiritually because your curiosity has intellectually explored some spiritual idea. Humble yourself, and do not expect to receive from man that which God alone can give.