Daily Fenelon > The Depths of Pride

The Depths of Pride

You know what God wants from you—how can you refuse? You sense that your resistance to His call comes entirely from self-love. Will you allow your pride to grow and invent more ingenious excuses only to reject God's mercy? You apply so many moral standards to your wandering thoughts—just learn to ignore them. You confess things that are better to disregard. Yet, the fact that you continually resist the Holy Spirit is of no concern to you. Is this because God does not see fit to give you what you want, the way you want it?
Self-interest and pride cause you to reject the gifts of God because they do not come in away that suits your taste. How can you pray? What is God speaking to you in the depths of your spirit? He asks for nothing but death, but you desire nothing but life. How can you ask Him to answer a prayer only the way you want it answered?
Does it matter if you receive the gifts of grace the way a beggar receives bread? This would not cause the gifts to be less pure or less precious. Receive with humility the sweet grace that God wants to give you.