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Dealing with your faults

Don't worry about your faults. You are likely to seek what God can give to you rather than God Himself.
I was just reading about someone who had read the biography of a godly person. He was so angered at his own comparative imperfection that he entirely gave up the idea of living a life devoted to Christ. Don't be like that! If you look at how flawed you are, you will upset yourself and interrupt the presence of God and His perfect work within you. The embarrassment you feel at seeing your own faults is a greater problem than the original faults.
Francis de Sales said that it is easy to Become occupied with love rather than with the Well-Beloved. If God was the only object of your affection you would be entirely concerned with Him alone. When you are busy trying to get a sense of the feeling that He loves you, then you are still preoccupied with yourself. The more peaceful and open your spirit, the nearer you will sense your Lord.