Daily Fenelon > Live in the present moment

Live in the present moment

Live in peace without worrying about the future. Unnecessary worrying and imagining the worst possible scenario will strangle your faith, God alone knows what will happen to you. You really don't even own the present moment, for even this belongs to God. So live according to His will.
Each day there is just enough that God gives you to take care of—nothing more or less is expected of you. Who are you to ask the Lord, "Why are you doing this to me?" He is the Lord— let Him do what seems good to Him. You certainly don't need to add your wisdom and your plans to His wise and good plan. Eating the fruit of your own wisdom is always a bitter experience. God allows this to show you how unpleasant it is to ignore His guidance. The future is not yet yours— perhaps it never will be. And when tomorrow comes it will probably be different from what you had imagined.
It isn't enough to separate yourself from the world's ways. You also must allow humility to be formed within you. Separation from the world means turning away from external things. When humility is formed in you, then you will turn away from your own self-nature.
Every trace of pride must be conquered. Your pride in thinking you know much about spiritual things is more dangerous than being very rich. Pride helps you believe you are something important in a much more subtle way.
Put aside your self-interest, and simply let God's will unfold around you. Everything He does for you is for your good. Worship Him without having to know and see everything. Continue doing the good things that you do, since you feel that you should and can do them so easily. Avoid things which distract you from Christ, and be careful that all your extra energy does not lead you into trouble. Above all, live in the present moment and God will give you all the grace you need.