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Of course I sympathize with all your trials. The only thing I can do is pray that God will comfort you. You really need the Spirit of God to give you strength in your trials. His spirit will hold back the overpowering nature of your natural strength. It is natural to want to defend yourself against the problems you now face. But do not fight them with your own strength.
As far as the letter regarding your birth, I think you should give it to God. Ask for God's mercy on the one who wants to hurt you. I have always sensed that you were sensitive about this point.
God always attacks you on your weak side. You do not try to kill someone by hitting him where he is the strongest. You must aim for his vital organs: the seat of his life. When God aims to kill your old self-nature. He touches the tender-est spot—the spot full of life! This is why he gives you the kinds of trials that He does.
Allow yourself to be humbled. If you are silent and peaceful when humiliating things happen to you, you will grow in grace. I realize that you will be tempted to defend yourself for a thousand different reasons. But it is far better to be humbly silent. Humility that can still talk needs to be carefully watched. You will comfort yourself too much when you speak out.
Don't be so upset when things are said about you. Let the world talk; just seek to do the will of God. You will never be able to entirely satisfy people and it isn't worth the painful effort. Silent peace and sweet fellowship with God will repay you for every evil word spoken against you. Love your neighbor without expecting his friendship. People will come and go—let them do as they please. See only God. He is the One that afflicts or comforts you through people and circumstances. He does this for your benefit.