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Let Things Go

Your mind is too busy and you are too argumentative to maintain a quiet awareness of God. If you are always reasoning, then you cannot cultivate the silence in which God speaks. Be humble, sincere, and simple with people. Be calm and quiet before God.
Your mentors are too dry and intellectual and critical. These people oppose an inward spiritual life. Even if you only listen to them a little, you will be drawn out of a quiet and simple faith. They reason too much and they are unhealthily curious. Long-standing habits are easily restarted, because you already have a natural leaning toward them. Stay away from anything that will lead you down old paths.
It has been four months since I have had any time to study. But I am glad to give up study and not cling to anything that God wants to take away. Perhaps this winter I will have time to set foot in my library. I shall enter it cautiously and listen for the slightest hint that God would have me elsewhere. The mind must fast as well as the body. I have no desire to write, speak or be spoken about, reason, or persuade anybody.
I live each day simply. I put up with any inconveniences which present themselves, but I also take the dme for entertainment when I need to do so. Those who write things against me and are afraid of me are sadly deceived. God bless them! I am not so foolish as to go out of my way to annoy them. As Abraham said to Lot: "Is not the whole land before you? If you go to the east, I will go to the west" (Genesis 13:9)
Happy are the free! Only Jesus can make you free. He sets you free by snapping every chain that holds you. How? His sword divides husband and wife, father and son, brother and sister. As long as anything in this world means anything to you, your freedom is only a word. You are like a bird that is held by a leash; you can only fly so far. You see what I mean? What you stand to gain is more valuable than all that you fear you will lose. Be faithful with what you know and more will be given to you. Do not trust your mind too much— how many times has it led you astray?
My own mind has been such a deceiver that I no longer count on it. Be simple. 'The way of this world passes away." (I Corinthians 7:31) You will pass away with the world if you pattern yourself after it. God's truth remains forever, so let His ways fully take hold of you.
I warn you again: Beware of philosophers. They will trap you and do you more harm than you know how to do them good. Their discussions go on forever, yet they never come to the simple truth. Intellectuals are unwisely curious; they are like conquerors who destroy the world without possessing it. Solomon himself testifies to the vanity of endless reasoning.
Never study spiritual subjects unless God prompts you to. And do not study more than you can use. Study with a prayerful spirit. God is both Truth and Love. You can only know the truth to the degree that you love. Love the truth and you will understand the truth. If you do not love, you do not know love. Love with a humble heart and the Truth will love you. You will know what philosophers cannot know and even what philosophers do not want to know. I hope that you will obtain the knowledge that is kept for babes and the simple-minded. Such knowledge is hid from the wise and prudent. (Matthew 6:25)