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Turn Your Back on Yourself

Your only task is to bear the weaknesses of your body and mind. Strength is made perfect in weakness. You are only strong in God when you are weak in yourself. Your weakness will be your strength if you accept it with a lowly heart.
You will be tempted to believe that weakness and lowliness are not part of trusting God. It is commonly believed that to trust God you generously give God everything because you love Him so much. Heroic sacrifices are held up as true examples of trusting God. To truly trust God is not so glamorous.
Trusting in God is a simple resting in God's love, as a baby lies in its mother's arms. Perfect trust means you must turn your back on yourself without even being aware that you have turned your back. Sounds impossible, doesn't it? But I tell you thatthere is no deepertrustof yourself than knowing that you trust God completely.
The point of trusting God is not to do great things that you can feel good about, but to trust God from a place of deep weakness. Here is a way to know if you've actually trusted God with something—you will not think about the matter any longer, nor will you feel a lack of peace.