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Live Moment By Moment

It is a great gift to be able to be peaceful when you are facing situations that do not seem to change. Bear all the uncomfortable and inconvenient things about your current situation. Look at them as exercises that God has designed for your growth. He is teaching you to bear difficult situations without being depressed. Your emotions may be low, but your inner man is being upheld. This peace is all the more precious when there is no earthly reason to have it
It is wonderful to be willing to accept all situations, no matter how difficult. It is good to never say, "This is all too much for me, I cannot bear it." Depend on the Almighty. God's hand holds you. Do not try to look too far ahead, but merely live moment by moment before God. Yield to God with a heart full of trust. The more God loves you, the less He spares you. Accept what comfort He gives you. Live to do His will alone.