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Work Out Your Salvation

Be faithful to God in small things. Most people spend most of their life regretting their bad habits. They talk about turning over a new leaf, but they never actually get down to working out their own salvation. In every moment you have the privilege to enter more fully into your salvation. As God gives you each moment, use it. You have no guarantee about tomorrow.

Listen to God, live in His presence, and avoid things that draw you away from Him. Find Him within you, and pour out your heart to Him. Love Him above everything. Submit your plans to His will. Find out what He wants for you and then do it quickly. Small things become great when they are done as God wills.

Do not try to make judgments about how important something is if God asks it of you. Do what God asks you out of love and obedience to Him—this is enough.

No matter how difficult or uncomfortable your circumstances become, you are free because you have come to accept them all from the hand of God. The greatest thing is to suffer without being discouraged.