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Turn Toward God

You need to take time to turn to God. Do not pray only when you have set aside time to do so. The busier you are, the more you must practice turning to God. If you wait until the dme is convenient, there is little doubt that you will end up spending little time with God.

Try to come before God both in the morning and the evening. Pray during and between all your other jobs as much as you can. You cannot retire too much from the mindless chatter of the world. Learn to steal this time in little snatches, and you will find these moments the most precious part of your day. You don't need much time to tell God that you love Him! Lift your heart to Him. Worship Him in the depths of your spirit. Offer Him what you do and what you suffer. Tell God the most important things that occur to you; tell Him what stands out to you as you read the Bible. Cling to your dearest Friend; live in Him with unbounded trust; speak to Him out of a heart full of love. As you learn to continually turn your spirit toward the loving presence of God within you, you will find yourself strengthened to do what is required of you. Here is the kingdom of God coming to life within.

These times of inward retirement are the only solution for your quick temper, critical nature, and impatience. Turning to God will help you, but you will need to do it frequently.

As God draws you to Himself, follow Him with complete trust. Love Him as you would wish to be loved. Does this sound extravagant? It is not giving Him too much. As He shows you new ways to love Him, then do so.

Speak and act without too much planning and self-examination. Set your eyes on God and you will feel less of a need to please others. The wonderful thing is that you may end up pleasing them more.