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Lean Toward Him

Try, without forcing yourself, to turn to God and touch Him as often as you can. Even when you want to touch the Lord and you are distracted, it is important to keep bringing yourself before Him. Do not wait for a perfectly quiet time when you can lock yourself in your room and be alone. You know how hard it is to find such a time. The very moment you feel drawn toward God is the moment to turn toward Him. Simply lean toward Him with a heart full of love and trust. Do this when you are driving or dressing or getting your hair done. Turn toward Him while you are eating or others are talking. When conversation becomes boring, during a business meeting, for instance, you can find a few moments to fellowship with your Father instead of being drained by unnecessary talk.

Be faithful to your times of prayer whether or not you find any comfort in them. Make use of the time during the day when you are only slightly busy. Occupy every spare second with God. Even when you are doing needlework you can be aware of God's presence. It is harder to be aware of His presence when you are engaged in a conversation, but you can learn to sense Him within you, monitoring your words, and restraining all outbreaks of pride, hatred, and self-love. Do your work steadily and reliably. Be patient with yourself.

Something else you should remember is to watch your actions and hold yourself back if you see yourself about to do something wrong. If you do something wrong, bear the humiliation of your error. But try to yield immediately to the warning the Holy Spirit is giving you within. Faults done in haste or because of human weakness are nothing compared to closing your ear to the inner voice of the Holy Spirit.

And if you do commit a sin, realize that getting upset and feeling sorry for yourself will do no good. Pick yourself up and go on without letting your pride get its feathers ruffled.

Admit you were wrong, ask forgiveness, then go on. Being irritated with yourself is not what it means to pick yourself up and go on in peace. Don't be so upset by your mistakes.

Often what you offer God is not what He wants. He usually wants that which you dread giving Him. It is Isaac, the well-beloved, that He wants you to give up. What He is after is what comes between you and Him. He will not rest, and neither will you, I might add, until you have given Him everything. If you want to prosper and enjoy God's blessing, don't hold anything back from Him. What comfort, freedom, and strength there is when nothing stands between you and God.