Daily Fenelon > Hope and Fear

Hope and Fear

Nothing is as difficult to deal with as the tension between hope and fear. Being too sensitive tempts you to believe that your trials are greater than your strength. You do not know the strength of your own heart, nor how much God will try you. God sees everything—the secret depths of your heart and how deeply He must deal with you. Learn to leave these proportions to Him. What you believe is impossible may be only softness and cowardice. What you think is overwhelming may really only overwhelm your pride and self-love—which cannot be crushed too much.

Do not be afraid to sit silently in God's presence. But do not think that this makes you spiritually mature. You cannot use God's presence to escape dealing with your weaknesses. And do not let your devotions neglect your necessary duties. Be sincere, humble, and cooperative with those who have authority.

Open your heart to God's love and receive His strength. As long as you set your whole heart and spirit upon Him, cling to His will, and do not neglect what is required of you, you will not be deceived. Follow God.