Daily Fenelon > Misunderstanding Prayer

Misunderstanding Prayer

Return to prayer and inward fellowship with God no matter what the cost. You have withered your spirit by chasing this wish of yours without knowing if God wanted this for you.

Don't spend your time making plans that are just cobwebs—a breath of wind will come and blow them away. You have withdrawn from God and now you find that God has withdrawn the sense of His presence from you. Return to Him and give Him everything without reservation. There will be no peace for you otherwise. Let go of all your plans—God will do what He sees best for you.

Even if you were able to accomplish your plans through earthly means. God would not bless them. Offer Him your tangled mess and He will turn everything toward His own merciful purpose. You must learn to let go of everything whether God ever gives you what you so eagerly desire or not. The most important thing is to go back to communion with God—even if it seems dry and you are easily distracted.