Daily Fenelon > Self-Knowledge


While you wait for God to deliver you from yourself, you need to take a good look at what you are like. Do not be surprised when you see yourself as you really are—impatient, stubborn, quick-tempered, and arrogant. You must learn to be patient with yourself without cutting yourself any slack. Humble yourself beneath His hand.

Yield to God the first minute you feel yourself resisting. Dwell in silence as much as you can. Avoid choosing your own way, and withhold your opinion as much as possible. Rein yourself in when you see yourself getting too eager. Even if something appears good to you, do not follow it too quickly. What I want for you is the calmness of heart that comes from sitting before God with a heart full of love for Him. Don't become preoccupied with outward matters. Take care of your affairs in due season with a calm, quiet attention. You will accomplish more by quietly working in the presence of God than by the restless activity that comes from your old nature.