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Daily Life

Do one thing: Follow your innermost instinct toward what is good. It was natural for you to follow evil before. Now turn toward following good.

What are you risking to serve God? Your life since your conversion will go on largely as it did before. You will have the same job, and the same daily troubles. But you will have the added comfort of loving the One who is altogether worthy of your love. Your work and suffering for Him will not go unnoticed by Him. He will reward you a hundred times over, even in this life, by the peace that fills your heart. Not only that, but you will live with Him eternally!

No matter what you have to endure as a Christian, you never need lose that deep inward peace. Can the world give you this much? You know as well as I that even people who have everything are still not satisfied.

What are you afraid of? All that you own will eventually leave you. Your possessions cannot fill your spirit. Aren't you tired of the emptiness of your possessions? Don't they secretly tell you that they are not enough? In short, you know your possessions are worthless even as they dazzle you!

What do you fear? Finding a God too good to love? Do you think He will so enamor you that you will not want earthly possessions and the things of this world? Are you afraid to become too humble, too pure, and too grateful to your heavenly Father? Fear nothing but this unfounded fear! It is the world's wisdom that hesitates between you and God, between right and wrong, between thankful-ness and ingratitude, between life and death!

Do you really think that God cannot completely satisfy you? Distrust yourself and the opinions of everyone else. You were made to love God and be loved by Him. Never distrust Him. He is the only good One. In His mercy He fills you with dissatisfaction for everything so that you will turn to Him alone.