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What am I waiting for or is it a habit?

Its a bad habit of procrastination. For 24 years years I have struggled with the idea of starting my own business and working for myself. Not a business minded person, I knew I would have to take the steps to gain the knowledge needed. It never happened. My desire along with my dream died as I began to question myself year after year weather this is the right thing to do and is this really what I want, to maybe I should pursue something else. I did, the venture and the years are lost because of it. Now, I see that it would not of taken very long and it would not of been that hard. If I had failed, at least I would have known I tried, without the regret. A little faith and persistance can go a long way when you determine in your heart to do something that you truely desire to do, then do it! Thanks for the question. It streched me and rekindled the embers. Byron, Yankton