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Do I really like myself?

I really, really do! I have come to the place in my life where I can accept myself with faults and all. I have a deep desire to know Christ and to have my self-life dealt with. In the process of this growth, I can admit to my husband, my children and my friends where I am falling short of God's best. I desire to have Christ be my ALL IN ALL. To have a faith that is like Job's...though he slay me, yet will I love Him. To live in the understanding that God "owes" me nothing, I owe Him everything. It means that when the minor irritations come in life, I am allowing Christ to be in charge and can accept them as part of His plan. I find that I falter in the smallest of things, not in the "big" things. It is the little "foxes" that spoil the vineyard. I like that I am becoming more internally peaceful. That I am becoming more integrated as a person. I like what Christ is doing in me.