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What mixture of reading do you find helpful?

I love to read widely but there is so much that I could read I try to be selective. As a Pastor reading fuels me for preaching and it prepares my mind. I like to read authors who know how to communicate in a memorable way. Rick Reilly's column in Sports Illustrated is something I never miss, and I'm not a sports fan. I love excellent journalists who can write a first line that makes me read the whole story. I read the Bible to hear God speak without any other filters, I read commentators who approach the written Word of God with reverence and love, I read people who speak God's Word like Pastor Steve Brown or Ravi Zacharias because they know how to hold people's ears, and I read C.S. Lewis because he clarifies the claims of the gospel. I like to read the Bible first to get God's view and then read the New York times to get the other side (Cal Thomas said this first) . I always profit from reading Christians who are actually helping people who read the Times see how the Bible has more grace and power than they could ever imagine. These kinds of writers excel at using the written word to communicate Jesus, the eternal Word! Bob Myers