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In what ways does my arrogance offend others?

I confess that my arrogance is a manifestation of sinful pride. It is an ugly trait. It puts others down...creating doubt in some minds as to whether they have any talent or competence when they measure themselves against my proclamations! My arrogance gives the loud message that I have all the answers. The other individual is never blessed when this is going on, and often injured. My arrogance is often with those I perceive as weaker than myself. If I attempt this method of "building my reputation" with an individual who is spiritually mature, I quickly lose the possiblity of a friendship and I definitely lose all credibility. Thank God that I am forgiven and upon confession the Holy Spirit can transform my heart into one that is humble and gentle like my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! They say that confession is good for the soul. This may be a great format for confession!!!