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Dear Fred

Brother Fred, The times I have come to visit and hear you speak I have been greatly encouraged and challenged by you both in life and in faith. Lately, I have been struggling to develop a godly vision for my life. I find myself involved in Corporate America, attending Dallas Theological Seminary, and also serving at the church. From all these responsibilities, I have found that I am constantly getting pulled in many directions and at times not realizing where I am going an all the time that has transpired. I desire to make the most of the time the Lord has given me (Psalms 39:3-5). I have a sense of urgency about life that I can't seem to shake. Before I ask you my question, here is what I have come to learn about developing a godly vision. I understand that in order to develop this vision I must seek the authority of life; namely Christ Himself, along with using the mind He has given me to plan a course of action. With this said, I am devoting myself to prayer and the study of Scripture, along with asking other saints for help, So here is my question... What do you think the Bible seems to deem most important, and therefore worthy of our time pursuing while here on this earth? In gratitude and in His grace, Giancarlo

Fred's Response

First, can there be any greater compliment to the Creator than maximizing His creation? Accept these multiple tensions as blessings which stretch us. I once had a photo autographed to me, “God’s man in God’s place.” That is what we want to be. Fortunately we can be that in every element of your life: corporate, social, church. There is an old saying which is a true one: “You may be the only Jesus that others see.” Don’t stand in the way of their seeing Him, but let your life point to Him – as John the Baptist did.