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Dear Fred

Fred, I'm a young church leader trying to figure out the correct balance between human leadership and God's sovereign power. It seems both are necessary to lead a church. What are your thoughts on this? Thank you!

Fred's Response

Unfortunately the church is hurting itself by adopting the corporate model and measurement of success i.e. growth and acceptance of its product. I understand that Os Guinness is writing a book on the premise that the church is committing suicide by focusing on conformation to the world, not transformation. I think it is essential that the leader of any organization know what the purpose is. I think there are four purposes of the church: 1) worship, 2) evangelism 3) maturity and 4) spiritual fellowship(not just food and fun). Your leadership should always contribute to one or more of these purposes. It is always important that you do God’s work in God’s way, not in man’s way.