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Dear Fred

I am challenged with a decision to make between 2 business' that I have. One I have been involved with for 12 years (Direct Sales) I have been in a leadership position for 6 years. I have lost my passion for this position. Very difficult to work with people who don't want to move forward. They are independent contractors their own business. I love my sales part of the company and I contemplating stepping down from leadership and just focus on sales. The other company is a brand NEW venture (Sales of training programs) The support is weak, I'm not sure if I made a good decision to get involved. I have been asked to step up to a team leader postion,(My person above me stepped down with no notice) That was His position. He isn't available to ask why or to see if He knows or saw anything I need to know before stepping up to the plate. It would require full attention (giving up my other company)and some travel. Recruting and working with others... simular to the other company. Not sure if my family would agree to that. I am close to 50 not yet... almost and I want to make a decision that is best for my family and myself. I have been in sales for over 30 years. I have been praying for God to use me in HIS work. Confused and patiently waiting for an answer for clarity. Are their any questions or concerns that you might throw my way to help me find the correct direction. Thanks in advance.

Fred's Response

The first thing I would ask myself if I were in that situation would be: “Which one appeals to my ego the most?” It is important that you be completely honest in your evaluation. Next, I would ask “Which most fully utilizes my talent?” Next, I would try to list the ramifications of each projecting as best you can into the next five years. Ask “Which decision helped you become who you want to be?” Of course, you have to consider your present responsibilities for the family. Remember, money has always been down the list of genuine satisfactions in our life. In making business decisions I found that I could always see the advantages of a new situation but I didn’t realize the disadvantages until after I got into it. A thought which has been helpful to me has been, “When in doubt – don’t.”