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Dear Fred

A long time established church, I just recently started attending, has obvious problems, such as: most of the congregation being in my age group,(elderly),very few teenagers,and a handful of youngsters under ten.What can be done to increase the congregation,thereby increasing the amount of revenue, and keep the church from going broke? As a recent widow, I have time I could devote to this problem. Having never been in this situation before, I just don't know what I can do. I thank you in advance for any information that will help.

Fred's Response

Be sure that any responsibility you take on you will be capable of performing. Your desire to help may not make you skilled to solve the problem. Be careful that anything you do does not prolong the failure. Would you be better off finding a healthier church to attend? Is the leadership capable of solving the problem or are they the problem? I suggest that you not let your sympathy cloud your objectivity in looking at these issues.