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Dear Fred

Hi Fred, 1 Cor. 6:14 says "Do not be yoked together with unbelievers..." I'd like your reaction to the following exposition of that verse: "...a general principle that needs specific application under the Spirit's guidance." Paraphrased: "Do not form any relationship, whether temporary or permanent, with unbelievers that would lead to a compromise of Christian standards or jeopardize consistency of Christian witness." As I seek guidance in forming a work team, this seems to be worth "hanging my hat on." What do you think?

Fred's Response

My first reaction is that this is too general a translation of a specific instruction. I believe in the context this was applying to marriage and not to life in general. In business I would have found it totally impractical to have not associated with unbelievers, both as employees and customers. Certainly we want to protect ourselves from associating with unbelievers who will influence us negatively. How can we be evangelistic and not associate with unbelievers to win them to Christ? We want to pick a team with character, integrity, skill and diligence. However, I have had associates who were not Christians who exemplified these characteristics.