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Dear Fred

Will you be my mentor? I have heard so much about the importance of mentors and coaches yet I find it difficult to find someone that is wise and available. I recently asked someone to meet with me that has lots of wisdom. He said that he is too busy but really would have like too. I could have learned so much for him but wisdom doesn't seem to go with availability. Fools are available- the wise are not. What specific things can I do to creatively enter the lives of the busy?

Fred's Response

I cannot be your mentor because I do not know you well enough. I have found that when I mentor someone I must spend lots of time to know them and their goals. What I recommend is that you draw up a plan about what you want your life to be about. Ask the person to help you. With that specific question they will have a better way of knowing if they can help you. We always have the time to do what we genuinely desire to do. Asking someone to be your mentor is like asking someone what they think of the news ---- it is entirely too general. Remember, a mentor is sharing his life with you and that is a lot to ask.