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Dear Fred

I first was introduced to Fred probably 20 years ago in Houston at a "Gathering of Men" breakfast function. His name popped into my head this morning in a small "Men's Life" discussion group where the topic was "work". I felt compelled to find out what Fred was up to and "googled" him when I got to the office, and found this website. I have passed it on to the members of my group. I am very sad to learn that Fred is ill, but I want him to know that his ideas shared in a speaking engagement 20+ years ago have stuck with me and I am sure many others. I look forward to reconnecting with his wisdom through this website and re-reading "You and Your Network". Best to you , Fred, and thanks for giving yourself to so many.

Fred's Response

It’s good to be reconnected. I hope many more good things will come to you as we visit on the website. Register for one of the Saturday night phone conferences and we can talk more. The next one will be in mid-June. Look for details under BWF news. John Tolson has returned to Dallas from his work with The Gathering of Men. He is building a large work here. Many times we are used to sow seeds and then see results much later. This is truly bread on the water.