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Dear Fred

I would like your advice about a difficult situation at work. I am given all of the Technical Assistant's work by her and she does about 1/4 of the work she is supposed to do. She also takes off almost every Friday and a lot of days in the month which leaves me no one to help me.When I asked what my job discription was they told me what ever they give you to do which I think is unfair. My boss really likes her and she does some of his job so I think that my situation will not change. I was looking for some advice as what to do?

Fred's Response

First, be thankful that she is letting you learn additional skills that will permit you to find a better job. Our son had this experience in the Navy. While his commanding officer played golf, Fred learned to do his job well enough to do it. The technical assistant has learned the political truth of organization: if you want to get ahead make your superior’s easier. Since you have control of your attitude look on the bright side and not be maddened by the unfairness of the situation. Keep your mind open to additional opportunities which may come in another job. We cannot always control our environment and may have to go through the uncomfortable position of acquiring another job.