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Dear Fred

I found your qoute "delightfully dependent!" in Guideposts. Can you say a little more about being on dialysis. I have a friend who is one step away and she is dreading being "tied down". She is putting it off as long as she can. Thank you

Fred's Response

I, too, put it off as long as I could. But when it came it was a great blessing. I was a sick dog! They took me to dialysis before they gave me a room in the hospital. I think your friend would enjoy reading my memo to myself when I started dialysis. I called it Dialysis University. I tried to turn it into a challenge rather than a threat. It is on the website under writings. I think it is under the perseverance category. I hope your friend is still mobile and has the energy to participate in other areas of life. I find it is most important that I make friends with the staff. People they like get better attention. In addition two or three of the nurses have become friends. One has become a Christian from a very hedonistic life. The Lord has work for your friend to do. Tell your friend to be a blessing and not a curse. Be thankful, for without dialysis she would die. Instead of saying, “Why me?” accept humanity and say, “Why not me?”