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Dear Fred

i find it difficult to merge different areas of my life, what di i do?

Fred's Response

This brings up an interesting memory of a chemist who often visited America. Knowing he was a devout follower of Ghandi I asked him how he saw the difference between the American and one from his own country. The American is segmented. There are different segments for religion, social, career, family. In contrast Ghandi had all of these segments integrated so his life was an expression of his religion. What a compliment! It is difficult to meld the different sections. Certainly we have to give time and thought to sections requiring our attention at a particular time but we should not neglect any of the different emphasizes we have in life. I see too many people whose majority of life was invested in their career. They spend all their time on the thing they prize most highly. I think it would be well to list the different areas of responsibility and be sure you are giving each it reasonable share. It might be helpful to review this with a good friend or spouse.