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Dear Fred

What advice would you mature middle aged widow who would like to meet someone nice and marry again?

Fred's Response

Without avoiding the seriousness of your question I am reminded of the lady at a party who saw a very attractive man and told him how amazed she was at how much he looked like her third husband. He asked how many times you have been married and she said twice. Obviously you need to frequent places where the type of man you like would attend. Those places might be social, religious, political or career gatherings. When you see someone who is eligible and attractive do not be hesitant to introduce yourself. As we grow older sex looses its number one place to compatibility. I know one lady who became a good golfer and men enjoyed playing with her. You may belong to a group like a dance club where you might invite someone as your escort. I would be weary of the internet. Some of my friends have had very bad experiences. Try to accent the things about you that would be most attractive to him. Always appear positive.