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Dear Fred

I've heard conflicting leadership opinions on being very balanced in life verses having the dedicated focus to make a vision come true. What is your take?

Fred's Response

There is an old political remark by a foreign dictator who said, “Only the fanatics accomplish.” He indicated that the culture would always be in the hands of the fanatics. For example, Hitler was a genuine fanatic. He had a message in which people wanted to be true. Every leader must have a desirable vision. For an example, Franklin Roosevelt saw what people wanted and said they could have it. There was great fear and He said there is nothing to fear but fear itself. It was not true but it appealed to the masses. Most leaders are dedicated to their vision even if is considered unbalanced. I have known men who worked eighty hours a week to accomplish their goals. Their goal occupied the greater part of their mind and energy. I think the most important questions is “Does this vision justify the effort?” Leisure and comfort I have found are seldom important to strong leaders.