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Dear Fred

How do I save myself out of victim mentality?

Fred's Response

Our culture has adopted the legitimacy of victim mentality. It removes us from responsibility and ultimately judgment which I think is the real driving force in victim mentality. If God engineers our circumstances, how can we call ourselves victims? The scripture substantiates our victory in Christ. Christianity is a positive religion not negative. I find gratitude is the great change agent in attitude. I am currently making a list in detail of all things I have to be grateful for. The devil is the accuser and Christ is the giver—both of talent and passion. I can speak from experience since at 91 I spend nearly every hour life on my back unable to even roll over. I can never feel a victim when I am thankful for so much of what God still gives me. Face your responsibilities and quit thinking of yourself as a victim. Our culture is sick when we justify the mentality of victimism.