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Dear Fred

Leadership author Jim Collins has written of the metaphor of leading as getting people on and off "the bus". What strategies do you suggest for getting people "off the bus" who are not effective in what they are doing, particularly those who may be volunteers?

Fred's Response

I would add that along with getting the right people on and off the bus that you have the right driver. Just as a sports coach has to strengthen the team by eliminating the weak players so leader must strengthen their team by elimination of those who are not pulling their weight. I have had quite a bit of experience of moving people who did not fit. It is not pleasant but necessary. I am careful that the removal does not come as a surprise. I counsel with them and ask if there is anything I can do to strengthen them. If there is nothing then I have terminate them. I try to give them a liberal severance pay. It is more economical then keeping them on the payroll.